Superior wicking performance meets Superior Mold and Bacteria protection.

We've transformed four years of concentrated research into a high performance wicking paper with superior all-natural antimicrobial and anti-fungal resistance. The Wick-rite substrate is the first cellulose-based substrate to incorporate a patented eco-friendly anti microbial/fungal treatment without sacrificing wicking rate and water holding capacity.

filtersNon-woven paper, or cellulose is the chosen substrate for humidification and evaporative cooling applications. However, cellulose-based materials are also well known to harbor and propagate bacteria and mold. Bacteria and mold not only shorten the life and wicking ability of the filter, but also discolor the filter and create the potential of mold exposure to the consumer, both of these aspects also result in a poor experience for the consumer. There are currently a few nonwoven substrates claiming to have the ability to resist bacteria growth, however independent studies have shown that many of these products have little or no efficacy when tested under real-world conditions. Additionally, these other substrates are treated with harsh biocides that create a negative impact on the environment during initial fabrication as well as when the filter is disposed of. Lastly, Wick-rite AF has been proven to control both bacteria and mold (unlike others that simply claim bacteria control).


  • Treated with all natural Aquastat® antimicrobial - certified by the Natural Products Association®
  • Proven bacteria and mold resistance under extreme conditions
  • Extends the life of the filter
  • Minimizes mold exposure to the consumer
  • Outperforms untreated papers for wicking rate, water holding capacity, and wet strength
  • Creates a positive experience for the consumer for repeat purchases
  • Aquastat is a US EPA Registered Product
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