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We provide tested and proven technology-based solutions developing advanced products for the protection of human and animal health.

Since 2002 our products have been used in the healthcare, consumer products, HVAC, water treatment, and plastics industries. These arenas give us a strong foundation from which to build our platform of innovative, high performance products.

K2 Concepts is a specialty product development company with its roots firmly planted in Material Science and Chemical Engineering. That said — don’t be fooled into thinking that K2 Concepts is a bunch of chemists sitting in a lab toiling over frothing beakers, test tubes and Bunsen burners. We are much more…

We have over 75 years of experience in the design and application of catalysts, adsorbents, and antimicrobial agents. We’ve taken this knowledge to the next step by developing in-house product development and manufacturing capabilities that enable us to take our engineered composites from the lab and incorporate them into end-use products that you see everyday on your retailer’s shelves, doctor’s offices, hospitals, and many more on the way!