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Antimicrobial / Antifungal Engineered Metal Oxide-Catalysts

The control of bacteria and viruses has long been a primary concern in the treatment and protection of air, surfaces, packaging materials, and potable or industrial process waters worldwide. With heightened awareness of the potential impact on health, the need to control biological growth is now more critical than ever.

Despite the reliability and cost-effectiveness of chlorine and bromine, these types of chemical alternatives have several disadvantages, such as the formation of carcinogenic by-products, corrosiveness towards plumbing or other contact surfaces, safety hazards when handling, and a relatively short period of effectiveness depending on the environment. Other treatment alternatives frequently used can also be ineffective on common microbes and require constant monitoring when used.

To meet these challenges, K2 has transformed 8 years of concentrated research into a patented multi-functional catalyst with superior antimicrobial and antifungal activity. The Rhino® Stat family is a complement of engineered hybrid metal oxide-catalysts that enable active cell disruption and destruction as needed in both light and dark environments. The engineered functionality behind the Rhino® Stat catalyst enables it to operate in a “time-release” modality, thus maintaining a constant level of protection to prevent bacteria and mold growth over extended periods of time, even in the most challenging conditions. Rhino® Stat is manufactured as a powder, spherical or granular product and often custom-designed and formulated for specific end-uses for a wide range of applications.