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Welcome to the new standard for bacteria and mold protection

Since 2008 K2 has provided bacteria and mold-resistant substrates to some of the largest consumer products and filtration companies in the world. After 4 years of concentrated research we are now offering a UL Verified line of patented and proprietary anti-microbial and anti-fungal materials for applications where germ and mold resistance is critical.
Non-woven paper, or cellulose-based materials are well known to harbor and propagate bacteria and mold, particularly in wet environments. Bacteria and mold not only shorten the life of the substrate, but also discolor the material and create the potential of mold and germ exposure to the consumer. There are currently a few nonwoven substrates claiming to have the ability to resist bacteria and mold growth, however independent studies have shown that many of these products have little or no efficacy when tested under real-world conditions. Additionally, many incorporate harsh biocides that create a negative impact on the environment and personal health.

Rhino Guard provides proven real-world anti-fungal and anti-bacterial protection without sacrificing material performance.





• UL verified for mold-resistance performance (see mark above)
• Ability to carry the UL mark on all finished good packaging and marketing materials
• Treated with our proprietary all-natural antimicrobial
• Proven bacteria and mold resistance under extreme conditions
• Extends the life of the product
• Minimizes mold and germ exposure to the consumer
• Creates a positive experience for the consumer for repeat purchases



• Evaporative cooling
• Industrial humidification
• Building materials
• Food packaging
• Health and medical
• Water and air filtration