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The FountainFresh Rx® Filter —
The filter your pet would choose!

In an effort to determine how best to keep your pet hydrated, several studies as well as personal testimonials have shown that running water creates a much more attractive and inviting water source for your pet, thus promoting drinking and good hydration. In biological terms, animals naturally favor sources of water that are known to be cleaner and fresher. In nature, animals will favor a running stream versus a stagnant pond as a drinking water source. This biological behavior also supports why cats and dogs so frequently will opt for drinking out of the toilette versus the water bowl sitting on the kitchen floor. Although it may seem strange, studies have shown that the water in the toilette is often much cleaner then what is found in the pet water bowl.

Pet Fountains are a great alternative to the common pet bowl; however, a recent university study has shown that Pet Fountains are an excellent breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and algae. If not maintained properly the Fountain will quickly become dirty and uninviting or potentially harmful to the pet. The study also showed that the standard filters included with the pet fountain have no effect in reducing the level of bacteria in the water and furthermore actually promote the growth of potentially harmful bacteria.

The FountainFresh Rx® filter comes in various sizes to fit a number of the most common Pet Fountains. The filter simply replaces the standard filter that came along with your Pet Fountain. The FountainFresh Rx® filter uses the same state of the art technology that is currently used in many consumer-based drinking water filters. The filter contains a patented ionized microfiltration material. As the water is being recirculated through the filter, this microfiltration material captures and inhibits the growth of a wide variety of bacteria and algae found in pet fountain water.

Simple to use:

  • Remove the factory provided standard filter that came with your Pet Fountain
  • Insert the FountainFresh Rx® filter in its place.
  • Replace the filter with a new one at 30-day intervals