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The control of bacteria and viruses has long been a primary concern in the treatment of potable and industrial waters worldwide. With increasingly sensitive process equipment and a growing awareness of the potential impact on health, the need to control biological growth in water is critical.
Despite the reliability and cost-effectiveness of chlorine and bromine, these types of chemical alternatives have several disadvantages, such as the formation of carcinogenic by-products, corrosiveness towards plumbing or other contact surfaces as well as safety hazards when handling. Other treatment alternatives frequently used can also be ineffective on common microbes and require constant monitoring when used.
To meet these challenges, we have transformed 8 years of concentrated research into a product with superior antimicrobial activity in an easy-to-apply form. The antimicrobial media is manufactured as a spherical or granular product and often custom-designed and formulated for specific end uses for a wide range of applications.
The engineered functionality behind the Aquastat material enables it to release trace amounts of our proprietary antimicrobial/scale sequestering formula into the water. By functioning in this fashion, the material acts to maintaining a constant level of protection from bacteria, fungi, and scale in the water. An additional feature of this product is that not only is the water treated to prevent bacteria and scale growth; all surfaces that are in contact with the water are also treated to prevent the growth of biofilm, algae, and mold.
All this performance is achieved by simply placing the Aquastat material in a suitable drop-in container as exhibited in our patented Humidisafe devise. Alternatively, the Aquastat material may be placed into any suitable in-line filtration devise as a stand alone or in combination with other filtration medias (activated carbon, zeolites, etc.).



  • Controls a Broad Spectrum of bacteria and fungi.
  • Time Release action allows continuous protection in the water and on water contact surfaces
  • Easy to apply in drop-in or flow-through devise
  • US EPA Registered Product
  • Non Toxic and safe for use with drinking water
  • Non corrosive on plumbing or sensitive components
  • Can be used in conjunction with chlorine to offer additional protection